Read why our members love CWR!

Tutskey Family

The children’s ministry at CWR is a place where children feel loved and embraced. Steeple People provides children the opportunity to be a special part of the service but also allows for separate time to engage in fun learning with their peers. Nursery services are organized and volunteers are excited to spend time with the children each Sunday. I love the investment that CWR makes in our children through its ministry.


Christian fellowship, spiritual growth, and healing. The weekly sermons, music, and gatherings have brought food to my soul and body more than any I have encountered. Come join us and enjoy the gifts of the spirit!

Dombrosky Family

From the moment you enter CWR you are surrounded by the goodness of God. Everyone is so friendly and caring. Simply put - CWR brings us a continuous reminder that God is with us.

John & Leslie

What a wonderful welcoming atmosphere! You are greeted warmly as you enter a beautiful sanctuary filled with sounds of soul stirring music. The pastor draws one in with her engaging smile and relatable sermons. One leaves filled with the spirit and a sense of belonging. 

Sister Pat



William & Carol

You can feel God's love in a special way the minute you walk through the doors.


WR is a fantastic community. I love that members support one another all week long with Bible studies, dinners, prayer groups, email and phone calls. When I share difficulties in my life with my Bible group, they pray through the week and check in with me. There is no better blessing than to be surrounded by people who build you up and enhance your life. I found this blessing through CWR.

Karen & David

To us the most significant factor is the openness of this congregation to all points of view. Everyone of us is on a different path in knowing Christ, the Bible and Christianity. The “common attribute” is we all believe in Jesus Christ as our savior and we are all on a journey of faith, though not many of us are at the same point on that road.


Nancy & Wayne

Church of the Western Reserve feeds my soul, strengthens my faith and helps me to be more of the person Christ wants me to be. But it is the music of our church that sends my heart soaring. We are blessed to have Alexandre Marr leading our congregation not only with his God given talent as a pianist and vocalist but also as a spiritual leader. Our sanctuary is filled with songs of praise and adoration by our choir and bell choir along with vocalist, instrumentalist and special programs that enhance the presence of Christ in our midst.