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Daily Devotion

Hello everyone! Be blessed and inspired by today’s Bible verse and story.

With love,

Rev. Dr. Sandy Seaton-Todd

Bible Verse Romans 13:8

Owe no one anything but to love one another.

Bible Story Romans 15:1-6 Those who are strong ought to put up with the failings of the weak, and not try to please themselves. Christ did not please himself but bore insults. Scripture was written to give us instruction and encouragement so we might be steadfast and have hope. May God grant that we live in harmony with one another so that we glorify God.

Sometimes we are stronger than at other times, and some people are stronger than others. We are all called to live out of God's strength and help those who are weaker than ourselves. Life is hard. But God has given us God-breathed scripture full of stories, examples, teachings, proverbs, encouragement, and promises on how to be strong. And God has given us his Son Jesus to help us love God and one another and serve those who are suffering. God gives us the strength to endure and serve with love in all circumstances.


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