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Daily Devotion

Hello wonderful friends! Be blessed!

Rev. Dr. Sandy Seaton-Todd

Bible Verses

Luke 8:46 Jesus said, "Someone touched me. I felt the power go out of me."

Genesis 50:20 What a person intends for evil God uses for good.

8:46 in Luke tells about the power leaving Jesus' body. We learned on May 25 that for 8:46 George Floyd felt the power leaving his body. Every time I imagine one of my kids dying on the ground calling out to me like George Floyd called out to his mama, I get emotional. I encourage you to close your eyes and imagine your child or loved one lying on the ground calling out to you as their life is going out of them. Scripture tells us that what people intend for evil, God uses for good. When the earthly power was leaving George Floyd, God's power was coming in. Luke 8:46 tells us Jesus' power is real. Imagine the power of Jesus filling you, filling your children, your loved ones, our world, our leaders, those who are suffering, those who need help. Believe in God's power, and know that God's power can turn anything around for good.

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